Bitcoin is the 'new' model for Internet

After a few years studying Bitcoin I came to a unique realization that one of Bitcoins most interesting features is it the start of a new Model for data storage on networked computers (Internet). Describing Bitcoin as the Internet of »

Ledger Nano - Security Evaluation

I received a Ledger Nano (Duo Edition) in the mail a few years back, I took sometime to evaluate my experience/concerns with the product. This information is atleast 1.5 years out of date but was sitting around idle. »

getBlocksize() an optimal solution

The current proposals for increasing the maximum possible Blocksize have been 'good'. A number of proposals discussed will actually work well including just flatly bumping up maximum Blocksize to 20MB. The difference between working well and working optimally are two »

Available Bitcoin to User Ratio

I started thinking about a Bitcoin ratio which I believe is very important to the 'raw' value of Bitcoin. Primarily my thoughts are around the availability of the current mined Bitcoin over the number of Users in the network. Here »