Two Common Thoughts on Satoshi Dispelled

1) Satoshi does not have private keys for early blocks

This can be disproved by just thinking about the situation a little deeper. For someone to spend their time architecting a new computer protocol entirely reliant on Asymmetrical Cryptography, asserting that they would forget or neglect to store their keys is almost impossible.

If you were Satoshi, you would also be running test suites locally on the capabilities of the protocol as you developed it. You would run a variety of tests, many of which would require Satoshi to save keys for multiple addresses to perform transactions on local test networks.

I think it is safe for us to assume that he knows how Public/Private keys work in Bitcoin and other forms, therefore he would know to back them up, and keep them safe.

2) Satoshi could possibly be Craig Wright

Outside of the speculative evidence presented by Craig Wright, Satoshi can't be Craig Wright. For someone to initiate this project under a pseudonym, then remain under a pseudonym for multiple years then vanish. Satoshi would not go through all the aforementioned effort to just take claim a few years later and throw away his efforts and established credible Pseudonym.

Just read this quote by Satoshi On December 4th 2010:

No, don't "bring it on".

The project needs to grow gradually so the software can be strengthened along the way.

I make this appeal to WikiLeaks not to try to use Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a small beta community in its infancy. You would not stand to get more than pocket change, and the heat you would bring would likely destroy us at this stage.

Satoshi was well aware of the 'hornets nest' before/during/after Bitcoin was introduced to the public. Satoshi's entrance, existence and exit in the community were all carefully planned out ahead of time. He even refers to stages which indicates he previously conducted thought experiments about the involvement and exit in the community regarding success points of the project. The fact that the project was released under a pseudonym validates his thoughts regarding possible impact of the technology. Satoshi knew before, during and even today that he needs to remain anonymous.

I know that once side chains and decentralized mixers are introduced and proven to be secure and trusted, Satoshi will start fragmenting his wealth and cashing out anonymously using a variety of methods to obscure his tracks.

Quote by Satoshi on December 10th 2009:

The design and coding started in 2007.

Satoshi admits that he worked on Bitcoin for an entire year before announcing it. No one who works on a project that we can document for nearly ~7 years anonymously will come out of the wood works to claim ownership. Satoshi most likely worked on digital currencies for years before the design and coding for Bitcoin likely began. Satoshi probably worked on digital currencies for 10-15 years which does not align at all with a timeline for Craig Wright.

Not even mentioning the smoke and mirrors Craig used to try and deceive everyone that he was actually satoshi, and In turn ruining much of Gavin's credibility.