I started thinking about a Bitcoin ratio which I believe is very important to the 'raw' value of Bitcoin. Primarily my thoughts are around the availability of the current mined Bitcoin over the number of Users in the network. Here are a few thoughts I wanted to share with the community, I make a number of blanket assumptions and I don't have an official background in Economics, so take what I say with a grain of salt :)

Given we have ~14,000,000 BTC mined and spendable currently

Given we have an estimated number of users of 2,000,000 I arrived at this value by inflating the number from a recent Juniper Networks Study which estimates ~1,5000,000 Unique Users of Bitcoin. (I bumped it to 2 million to make things rounder and in case we have grown a bit since then)

That gives us a ratio of: ~7BTC/1User in the network. Currently their exists an 'abundance' of Bitcoin due to the fact that not every user in the network will buy 7 or more coins because of the cost. I do understand the fact that many users in the network own much more or much less than this ratio, but let us temporarily ignore this fact and just make assumptions for the sake of round numbers.

Approximately every 10 minutes (Roughly 144 times a day) a Block is solved minting currently 25 BTC into the economy. Every 7 BTC Minted from the 25BTC coinbase reward, in essence demands a single user in the network to invest upwards of 1162-2100 USD or more based on the current price of Bitcoin. So every-time a block is solved we need more than ~3 new Users to eventually purchase these newly minted coins to keep the value from decreasing.

If we assume a few gross distribution ratios just for sake of gathering more numbers, the United States in 2007 had 1% of the Population own ~34.6% of all the wealth in the United States.

We can describe the above ratio we arrived on previously 7BTC/1User as: 700BTC/100 Users

So 1/100 Users would ~ own 700BTC*.346 of the BTC available = ~242.2BTC, which leaves the the other 457.8BTC/99 Users

So even if a small percent of the networks users own a disproportionate amount of the Bitcoin, their are still ~4.5BTC/1 User which I think is still too much of an investment for every user in the network to make.

I think that until the Available Bitcoin to User Ratio gets closer to 1BTC/1 User or even flips to 1BTC/2 Users or lower, when this happens things might get real interesting in Bitcoin land. So we need our user-base too grow roughly 7 to 14 times the number of Users to 14 Million or 28,000,000 Users or more.

In regards to a time-span that a shift like this could occur with a globally adaptable technology, it took a network like Facebook to grow from single digit million number of Users to ~100,000,000 Users in ~1 year time.

If anyone wants more of this stuff, I wrote some Python code to calculate the all of the categories in the 2007 US Distribution model (Not just the top 1%) and I did this for a Champagne model (20% own 82%).

I also looked at other variations like nearly 21,000,000BTC available and things like Multiple Billions of users as well. Let me know @jujum4n and I can collate the info/post the scripts as an addendum to this.