Linux Mint 18.2 "Sonya"(xenial 16.04.1) - VGA Passthrough

This is a project I have been wanting to do for nearly two years now. I had originally tried to do this on two different machines with Intel Processors one I7 and one Xenon E5, but I had ran into »


Portable Beaglebone Black

Goal: Hack together a portable computer using an old Beaglebone Black with some off the shelf items. At start mock up the case design with cardboard pieces and affix parts temporarily. Next step is to model the parts in Fusion »

eMac G4 CRT VGA Hack - Update #4

Goal: Use an old eMac G4 for a CRT monitor combined with a relatively powerful machine. The end goal is to use the eMac as a "good" looking box to enjoy older games on from 2005 and earlier when it »

Two Common Thoughts on Satoshi Dispelled

1) Satoshi does not have private keys for early blocks This can be disproved by just thinking about the situation a little deeper. For someone to spend their time architecting a new computer protocol entirely reliant on Asymmetrical Cryptography, asserting »


Bitcoin is the 'new' model for Internet

After a few years studying Bitcoin I came to a unique realization that one of Bitcoins most interesting features is it the start of a new Model for data storage on networked computers (Internet). Describing Bitcoin as the Internet of »